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Austin Webcor is currently accepting bids on select Trade Bid Packages as part of the Terminal 1 Boarding Area B project at San Francisco International Airport.

Bidding Information

All prequalification, bidding process, and communication with Austin Webcor Joint Venture are done in Building Connected.

Interested applicants please email to be invited to Building Connected.

To be eligible to bid and contract work with Austin Webcor Joint Venture, subcontractors are required to be prequalified.

In order to be prequalified, applicants are to fill out and submit the form Appendix A - Project Questionnaire via email or Building Connected.

Austin Webcor Joint Venture (AWJV) is seeking a Statement of Qualifications from prospective Subcontractors to bid on select Trade Bid Packages as part of the “Terminal 1 Boarding Area B (BAB) project” at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA.

The BAB Project will consist of full demolition of the existing terminal, full re-build, and additional structure beyond the original footprint size. The Bid Package scopes will include extensive BIM processes and will require a design level of 500 for the Core Trade MEP Subcontractors. The project is to be designed and constructed to meet LEED Platinum certification (minimum Gold) and a Net Zero operation. Construction will be phased in order to keep a portion of airport operations functioning and passenger movement uninterrupted. The BAB Project construction value range is anticipated to be $400 million to $600 million.

Applicants shall submit, and be evaluated on, information with respect to their experience on aviation related projects, projects of similar size, scope and complexity, as well as City and County of San Francisco and/or other institutional customers. The information shall include general and specific experience, claim and surety history, financials, ability to meet schedule and budget requirements and skills in general management and coordination.

Those applicants who meet the pre-qualification criteria and are deemed pre-qualified to perform work on their respective trades will be invited to participate in the Competitive Bid Award process. The awarded Subcontractor will be tied to a progressive GMP contract. Applicants who do not submit the pre-qualification application or do not meet the prequalification criteria will be precluded from submitting a bid proposal.

In the event an applicant is deemed unqualified, the applicant may submit a protest within five (5) working days of issuance of the notice of non-qualification. Any applicant that has submitted a response to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and believes that AWJV has incorrectly determined its response of unqualified, may submit a written notice of protest. Such notice of protest must be received by AWJV on or before the fifth (5th) working day following AWJV’s issuance of the notice of non-qualification. The notice of protest must include a written statement specifying in detail each and every one of the grounds asserted for the protest. The protest must be signed by an individual authorized to represent the applicant, and must cite the law, rule, local ordinance, procedure and or RFQ provision on which the protest is based. In addition, the protestor must specify facts and evidence sufficient for AWJV to determine the validity of the protest.

Applicants must hold valid California contractor’s license specific to the trades they are prequalifying for, meet project insurance requirements, and obtain corporate surety (payment and performance) bonds in order to be eligible for award.

The CMD LBE “Small” or “Micro” Size Business Participation requirement for the overall project is 18% with a stretch goal of 20%. The LBE Participation requirement for each bid package will vary and may exceed the minimum and/or stretch goal. CMD Attachment 7 applies to this project. Attachment can be found at the CMD website here.

Failure to agree to comply with specified CMD LBE small or micro business participation shall be grounds for disqualification.

Bid Opportunities